App Free application to create all kinds of lists

Free application to create all kinds of lists

Android productivity app with more than 10,000 downloads, creates lists.

Free Android application to create all kinds of lists, such as your shopping list, a to-do list and much more. Use this app without requiring an internet connection when you need it on your Android smartphone or tablet.

n Lists is an application to create all kinds of lists for free.

Android app with which you can create and manage all kinds of lists for Android smartphones or tablets.

Your lists on your mobile device or tablet.

Application to create all kinds of free lists
Everything at your fingertips

Side navigation menu. Add the text and create a list. Backups. Get the plus version.

Our app n Lists allows you to make lists of everything you need, very useful and easy to use.

Application to create all kinds of free lists
Add and sort your list

To sort the items in your list, first click the icon (2 lines) to the left of the item you want to move and then drag to the desired position.

With n Lists it's quick and easy to create lists.

Your lists of all kinds

You can add, edit, delete and share the lists that you add. In each list you can add, edit and delete the articles. You can cross an item off the list simply by tapping on it. It also includes a function to delete all crossed out items in the list at once.

n Lists

This application has been designed to add your lists, such as the shopping list, easily and quickly.

n Lists It does not require an internet connection to create, modify and view your lists, you will always have it available on your mobile or tablet.

Application to create all kinds of free lists

If you need to find an item among your lists you can use the search function. And if you need to copy or duplicate within the same list choose copy and select the name of the same list that you are using.

Create your list quick and easy.

Download n Lists for Android. Free application to create all kinds of lists.

Available on Google Play
Create lists easily

We find it very useful to be able to save all our lists on our mobile or tablet. It is a useful application, natural to use and totally free, without ads and that includes a backup function.

Extend your memory

With this free application of lists for your phone or tablet. You can create multiple lists, such as shopping lists, to-do lists, to pack, invitation lists ... any list you can think of!

Available in English and Spanish.

n Lists free


  • make different lists
  • add items to list
  • paste text into list (each line becomes an item)
  • reorder items on the list
  • cross out items by touching them
  • delete crossed out items
  • share lists
  • search inside lists
  • backups
  • free app
  • no adverts
  • new modernized look
  • reorder list function is now drag and drop
  • improved context menu
  • new duplicate list function
  • new copy or move an item from one list to another
  • improved backup and restore functionsv
  • added in app purchase so that you can upgrade within the app

Buy plus features

You can buy the premium functions within the Android applicationn Listas.

Premium features:

  • memory for frequently used articles
  • article priority (high, normal, low)
  • turn prices on / off
  • add up crossed off prices total
  • share lists (as .txt attach o plain text)
  • reorder you list of lists
  • import / export .txt files
  • settings:
    • turn memory on / off
    • delete articles from the memory or empy it
    • freeze list screen rotation on / off
    • change text size/li>
    • turn numbering articles in list on / off
    • voice input on / off
    • change export .txt folder

You can see the video of our app to create all kinds of lists in action.