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Breathe Android application

Breathe. Application for Android smartphone
Breathe. Application for Android smartphone

Breathe With this application you can just relax and breathe...

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Breathe is an application designed to help you relax, have fun and even practice deep breathing. This application is an interactive guide to relaxed breathing.

Are you stressed sometimes? Would you like to control your nerves before a job interview, an exam, an important date ...? We offer you a way to relax by controling your breathing.

We present you with a relaxing image and a sphere. The idea is for you to put a finger on the sphere and focus on breathing in / out while you slide it up and down, keeping it within the moving panel that guides the inspiration and expiration rate and amplitude.

Breathe application will set the pace, you just have to try to follow it.

Focusing on this simple movement will help clear your mind and will open the door to the benefits of relaxed breathing.

Why move the sphere? To divert the concentration of your mind to this movement and quieten your thoughts. Try it.

You may need a while to get used to relaxed breathing as in the modern world we all tend to hyperventilate because of the high levels of stress in our lives.

Once you get used to relax with this application, you can take your peacefull haven of tranquility on your mobile device wherever you go.

Once you access the application Breathe pressing Menu > Settings you can adjust the pace and depth of the breathing guide, you can also change the background image.

It has a Relax mode, that you can turn on or off at any time, that will make the breathing guide become slower until reaching a relaxed rate.

Breathe v1.2 current version

  • Added more backgrounds
  • Added option of removing the sphere
  • Adapted to honeycomb tablets
  • Improved opening time of the app

Breathe v1.1

  • Added italian and portuguese

Application name:

  • Breathe (time limited trial version. If you like this app you can unlock the full version using PayPal)

Operating system: as from Android 1.6 (Android 2.0, Android 2.0.1, Android 2.1, Android 2.2, Android 2.3 GingerBread, Android 3.0 HoneyComb, Android 4.0 Ice Cream, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean) and superior.

Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Application type: Application

Category: Lifestyle

Screen sizes: all supported except small QVGA screens (resolution 240x320 pixels)

Necessary security permissions: access to the Internet in case you decide to buy the full version through PayPal.

I have downloaded the app and when I try to install it I get an "Install blocked" warning, what can I do?

Some Android devices are blocked to apps not downloaded from Google Play. You can enable this option by choosing "Settings" from the warning window and checking "Unknown sources". If you don't want to enable this on your device, you can buy this app from Google Play following this link: Breathe at Google Play.

Can I try this app before I buy it? Yes, and we recommend it. You can download it and try it. If you like it you can upgrade to a full version with PayPal or on any of the other App Markets you can see on this page.

Why does this app need a permission named "Phone calls"?

This app installs as a time limited trial version. If you like this app you can unlock the full version using PayPal. To connect to PayPal the app needs the use of the internet connection, so it needs to read the device state (connected to the interntet or not connected). The Android permissions show this as "Phone calls: read phone status and ID" which sounds a lot more alarming than it really is, as the application does not attempt to access your phone calls at all.

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Download Breathe app to your Android device.

Trial version time limited and with an advert. If you like this app you can unlock the full version using PayPal.

If your are using a PC you can download the .apk file and copy and paste it on to your Android device.

You can also purchase Breathe through Google Play: Breathe at Google Play

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If you are using an Android device you can scan this QR code to open the "Breathe" trial app.