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My Wines application designed for wine lovers

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With My Wines you can carry and share a list of your favorite wines on your mobile device.

In your custom list of My Wines you can add all the details of your favorite wines: photo, grapes or composition, price, origin, vineyard's name, etc..

My Wines is designed for wine lovers.

When you are ordering a good wine or you are in the store buying wine, you can check your personal list to compare vintages, grape varieties, wineries and even prices.

You can carry your personal wine book with you.

Just add your wines through a simple form.

You can add a photo to each wine from the pictures stored on your android smartphone or you can use the camera to take a picture of the bottle (or even of the ocasion to keep the memory forever.)

My Wines has a scoring system for you to give points to each wine. You have 6 listings: Favorites, Red, Rosé, White, Sparkling, Fortified and To Try. In the settings screen you can choose to show some (or all) of these lists.

My Wines is an application for smartphones, tablets or devices with the Android operating system.

My Wines v2.0 current version

  • Added more fields in the wine detail: date, amount and country
  • Added more types of wine: sparkling, fortified and to try
  • New settings screen for:
    • choosing types of wine to display
    • select the folders for your backups and wine photos
    • choose if you want your wine photos copied to your selected wine photos folder (no by default)
  • You can now order your wine lists (except favorites that is ordered by points)
  • New design for tablets
  • Added a new way to share wines: you can send a wine as a file to another My Wines user. This file can be imported into My Wines with all the wine information, including the photo. You can send these files with any available service on your device: email, Bluetooth, etc.

My Wines v1.3

  • Added search
  • Added option to import wines from trial version
  • A few user interface improvements
  • Swipe to pass from one wine to the next/previous.

My Wines v1.2

  • Added new languages: italian and portuguese

Application name: My Wines (trial version limited to a capacity of 6 wines. If you like this app you can unlock the full version using PayPal)

Operating system: Android 2.2 and superior (Android 2.3,Android 3.0, Android 3.2, Android 4.0, ...)

Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Application type: Application

Category: Lifestyle

Screen sizes: all supported

Necessary security permissions: access to the MicroSD memory card for the backup features and access to the Internet in case you decide to upgrade to the full version through PayPal.

How I can add a photo to the wine detail?

Click on the camera icon within the the wine you are adding / editing and it will open the image gallery on your device. If you can't find the image you want or want to use the camera to acquire an image, open the camera from your image gallery (usually by pressing Menu). Once you have taken a picture and you can see it in your gallery, select it and you will return to the wine with the image.

Why does this app need a permission named "Phone calls"?

This app installs as a trial version limited to a capacity of 6 wines. If you like this app you can unlock the full version using PayPal. To connect to PayPal the app needs the use of the internet connection, so it needs to read the device state (connected to the interntet or not connected). The Android permissions show this as "Phone calls: read phone status and ID" which sounds a lot more alarming than it really is, as the application does not attempt to access your phone calls at all.

I have downloaded the app and when I try to install it I get an "Install blocked" warning, what can I do?

Some Android devices are blocked to apps not downloaded from Google Play. You can enable this option by choosing "Settings" from the warning window and checking "Unknown sources". If you don't want to enable this on your device, you can buy this app from Google Play following this link: My Wines on Google Play

Apps for Android™ devices, smartphones and tablets

Download My Wines app to your Android device.

Trial version limited to a capacity of 6 wines. If you like this app you can unlock the full version using PayPal.

If your are using a PC you can download the .apk file and copy and paste it on to your Android device.

You can also purchase My Wines through Google Play: My Wines at Google Play

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If you are using an Android device you can scan this QR code to open the "My Wines" trial app.